No Modern Cthulhu

A servant’s journey inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

The civil servant. It is oft tempting to envisage our position as bastions of intellect, steadfast against the tempestuous whims of the politariat. The truth is more nuanced, it is our resolute purpose to bring into being projects and activities which, through their occurence better the people of the realm. The ethereal nature of policy is not beholden to the whims of reality, the services it forms must yield to such earthly demands. Our actions are guided by the bold hand of our ministers, their directives, a skeleton to which we servants affix muscle and flesh, granting form and function to wishes and ideals. Into this great task were I and my peers thrust, brightest, boldest those with rippling passion in our veins and minds keen like a dagger’s point.

Many are our number, scattered amongst the ranks of civil servitude, we fresh blood, act as fresh air, we enquire, we test, we challenge; the pulse quickens, the pipes hiss, the great beast, the very construct of government strains at our work. But through it are we, and it, strengthened and reforged. Always there are trials ahead, looming titans which threaten the very continuity of our collective destiny. Our self inflicted sundering from the bonds of the continent, the growing turmoil of the decadent desecration of the earth itself. These fell horrors and more must be bested by our combined might and this calls upon every ounce of our constitution to prepare and improve government to meet such monstrous demands.

My part to play is in the commerce of government, the confluence where the service binds through remittance, agents of the wider world to acquiesce to our needs. Through rigorous appraisal are the worthy concerns appointed, upon verbose scrolls are their duties collated and by their sovereigns signature the pact is made. Through the feverous activity of commercial agents the coffers of the crown are shielded from nefarious hands and the benevolent machinations of government can continue unabated. In these endeavours, there is a balance to be stuck betwixt the demands of many righteous agents of the crown, each calling for different aspects of a service to be granted precedence. This has proven a arresting challenge and one which calls upon many stimulating facets of my intellect. It is my heartfelt and genuine belief that through our work is the greater good advanced at a quickened pace, the great market battlefields letting only the efficacious take up the mantle of duty to the state.

Let not the nature of my parlance here deceive you, I write as though the service is the twisting architecture of antiquity. As though it’s very fabric is woven with the vestiges of epochs long passed. In genuine candour, I do so simply to juxtapose with the reality I have witnessed in my enviable, satisfying and stimulating employment. The truth is that fast stream has been an incredible experience and the civil service, is no modern Cthulhu.