Fast Stream 2018 – the online tests

We made a number of improvements to the application process last year. One of the changes we've made is reducing the number of online tests – there are now just two online questionnaires (Situational Judgement and Behavioural)

We’re no longer using verbal and numerical reasoning tests as an initial screen – although there is a later numeracy test for the Finance and Commercial schemes.

Before you do the Situational Judgement questionnaire we recommend you try out some practice questions: practice questions for the Situational Judgement questionnaire.

When completing the questionnaire you should:

  • bear in mind the Fast Stream and Civil Service competencies as criteria for guiding your responses
  • carefully read the given scenarios and options
  • consider what would be best practice in identifying the most and least effective responses – not what might happen in reality
  • be aware that the best option is not necessarily the ‘ideal’ but should be the most effective from the presented choices
  • avoid bringing in outside knowledge

There isn't a practice test for the Behavioural Questionnaire because it's not something you need to practise. The questionnaire essentially asks you to rate yourself against the Fast Stream and Civil Service competencies.

When completing the questionnaire you should:

  • think about your own personal qualities in relation to the competency areas
  • respond honestly in terms of your preferred style of working, when you are at your best and operating professionally
  • note that although there is no time limit, you should work as quickly as you can rather than thinking too long about any of the statements

Once you've submitted your application, you'll have a five-day window in which to complete the two online questionnaires.

The application windows for the EDIP and SDIP are now open! Please click here for more information

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