Being an intern with the SDIP - Week 5

Ahmed week 5 blog

Only two weeks left and my time on the summer diversity internship will come to an end. While I’ve been doing a lot of work trying to get my projects completed on time, I’ve also been trying to make the most of my time left here. The Civil Service has some amazing people from very diverse backgrounds who are always willing to have a chat and offer any support. I’ve managed to attend some networking events and even grab a coffee with some Fast Streamers about their experience within the Civil Service. I’ve also managed to get some really good tips about my career as I move on.

One of the events I was fortunate to attend was an international crisis workshop organized by the Ministry of Defence.  We were given a hypothetical situation where a foreign country was in a political and humanitarian crisis and we were split into small groups where we were acting as some members of the cabinet. In the end, we had to give a press conference to the other attendees who were acting as the press. In the many years this event has been taking place, it was specifically during the event I was attending that the fire alarm went off and we were evacuated from the building for about an hour. In another crazy SDIP moment, we decided to gather on the grass in Parliament Square and literally all the groups planned their press conference there. We were able to wrap the event soon after we got back in the building and surprisingly managed to finish on time.

Next week will be my last week and I’ll be again trying to network with different people and get booked into some events all whilst putting the final touches on my projects. Time’s running out…

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