Being an intern with the SDIP - Week 3

Week 3 involved some work on a new video the marketing team is working on. I was able to attend some meetings at our offices in 100 Parliament Street and get a tour of the fabulous building. The building at Great George Street houses many government departments and is home to the HMRC headquarters. The meetings involves colleagues from different departments and it is intriguing how everyone comes to a final balanced decision after so many different opinions. You get to develop some great communication skills by being involved in these discussions.

I was also involved in organizing a photoshoot that will be used for our marketing content for the next academic year where Fast Streamers will be visiting different universities to promote the scheme. This took around 4 hours in total but we were just about to get everything we needed. We now have the big ask of choosing the right photos to go with all our marketing content.

All interns in the summer diversity internship programme are put into groups and participate in a fundraising competition throughout their internships. We have to present our strategy to the Fast Stream Team and at the closing reception, results will be given out and the winner announced. After a laggy start due to all of us being based at different buildings, we've finally got a strategy finalized and we had some meetings to get going with all our plans. It looks like there will be a lot of bake sales happening! We can hopefully get a lot of our plans executed successfully to have a nice fundraising total to end with.

Next week, I'm visiting Downing Street.......

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