Being an intern with the SDIP - Week 2

It's Monday morning and I have to attend an event on the outskirts of London. The Fast Stream team organizes a range of outreach events that interns can participate in to make the most of their time at the Civil Service. I've decided to opt in for an event where I have to conduct mock interviews with sixth form students to help develop their interview skills as they'll soon be embarking on with their careers. The school is based in Ealing and as I'm currently residing in East London, this was quite a trek for Monday morning. As I had never conducted interviews before, this was a completely new experience for me but we were working with senior leaders in different industries who were overlooking the event which made it a tad easier. I was surprised by the students' knowledge of different industries and their enthusiasm to begin their careers.   It was interesting to see that different people can have different perspectives on the interview process and there were many heated arguments about which candidate would be best suited to the job.

I also took part in a 'managing stress workshop' where I got an insight about what managers can do to manage stress in the workplace. It was intriguing to hear stories about how intense the workplace environment can get during peak ends where there is a lot to get done. I was able to get some very useful tips which will be really helpful in the future.

The rest of the week involved meetings to discuss the plans for the summer and I was able to get an insight into the complications of project management from our team leader. We've also got a photoshoot organized next week which will help us incorporate designs of our Fast Stream brochure and website. As the deadline is fast approaching to get our brochure designed, there'e a lot to be done and we rely a lot on information from people working in different departments. There's a very friendly environment at the Civil Service which makes cross-communication very fluent and helps ensure everyone is meeting their deadlines.

I'm really looking forward to the photoshoot next week and there's some important decisions to made as deadlines are approaching. Exciting times ahead!

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