Being an intern with the SDIP - Week 1

It's Sunday evening. I've just arrived back in the UK from a long holiday abroad and I'll be starting my internship the next day! I've been placed in the marketing department in Civil Service Resourcing which is something completely new as I studied for a maths degree. While I'm excited about this new adventure, working on large scale projects that affect a significant amount of the population can sound quite daunting and the nerves have started to kick in.

Day 1 begins and my manager introduces me to the lovely team I will be part of and we have a meeting to discuss my projects and making best use of my time here. I will be working on a big project which involves creating brochures for the graduate fast stream programme which will be used at events around the country. I am also leading on some other projects which will help me develop a range of skills and gain an all-round experience during my time here. While this seems daunting at the start, I have been assured that the team will work with me throughout these projects and they have been happy to answer any questions and I can end the day feeling a lot more relaxed.

The next day begins with an important meeting with a media agency to discuss a new video that we're working on. It was an insightful experience to be part of the high level discussions and the decision making process. I was more amazed by the planning that takes place to produce media campaigns and we ended up making a tree diagram on one of the walls in the office to structure our campaign. I would never have thought that a 2 minute video would require hours of planning and structuring and the involvement of so many different consultants and focus groups. This has prepared me well for the projects I'm working on and how to structure them in my time here.

The rest of the week involved attending some other meetings around designing our website and completing some e-training to get me used to the IT systems. I've also had to go through a number of documents to get to grips with the strategies and policies in place at the Civil Service.

From what I've seen so far, every day here is completely different and you get to make a real difference to how the country is run. While I came here expecting to do some basic admin tasks from my previous intern experiences, I have to say my first week here has been a big surprise.

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