Using the skills of statisticians

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is a great place for fast streamers to work and gain experience, whether it's on the policy or analysis side.

As a fast stream statistician you're part of a community of around 100 statisticians, so you have the opportunity to have a wider view than just the analytic community of statisticians, economists, operational and social researchers.

The MOD includes a large number of analysts in science and technology, and also in the intelligence community, who play a big part in decision-making.  It's a huge organisation and you not only see the interaction between civil servants and ministers, but with the military too.  That adds another dimension for analysts to work with – for example, ministers have Military Advisors who add to the advice provided by their private office.

MOD has a long history of making use of the unique skills of statisticians – for example, Box and Cox and colleagues made a substantial contribution to decision-making during WWII.  And it was during his time as First Lord of the Admiralty that Churchill became tired of arguments about numbers and lack of agreement at the board.  The following year, as Prime Minister, he set up 'S-Branch', a central office of statisticians created to work directly for him to provide numbers that would be 'accepted and used without question'.

Given the global presence of UK Defence, there are plenty of opportunities to use your analytical skills to influence and support defence decisions by collaborating with our international allies.  Recent work to benchmark military spending and capabilities with the French MOD is just one example.

For those interested in data science, there's a dedicated statistical computing function with around 30 IT developers/programmers and its own IT infrastructure which provides the freedom to experiment with new tools and techniques – really important as we develop our data science capability.

Whether it’s your first posting, or your second, third or fourth, MOD has plenty to offer and we have a fast stream statistics policy to make sure you get the best out of MOD in terms of opportunities, development and training.

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