How to succeed at the assessment centre


My role is Chief Assessor and Chief Psychologist in the Fast Stream team, which means a lot of my time is spent in our 100 Parliament Street assessment centre facility, interacting with many assessors and candidates on a day to day basis.

Our assessors are impressive – dedicated, friendly, insightful and with a great belief in identifying the very best graduates, in the fairest way possible. Our candidates are equally impressive - bright, diverse, emotionally intelligent and motivated –  those that are selected for Fast Stream are undoubtedly amongst the best graduates in the country.

How can you be one of those who succeed at the assessment centre? A few thoughts:

  • Take great encouragement from reaching the assessment centre stage – an achievement in itself! Have confidence and self-belief.
  • Have a good awareness of Fast Stream competencies and Civil Service values (integrity, honesty, objectivity, impartiality) – these should inform how you respond to the assessment.
  • Really pay attention to the instructions for each exercise – try to deliver exactly what’s asked!
  • Respond to each exercise in a thoughtful, but engaged way – weigh up what’s required, but show your drive as well.
  • There’s quite a lot of information to process in the exercise briefs – don’t be overwhelmed by this, but try to respond rapidly and prioritise the key issues.

Finally, get the right mindset on the day – enjoy the process and embrace each element. We want to see you succeed!

The application windows for the EDIP and SDIP are now open! Please click here for more information

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